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My Short Profile

He is a highly effective consultant/facilitator, he is also a Development Knowledge facilitator, and he has being taking his passionate mission, which is into discovery, development and empowerment cutting across various ethnic and cultures into developing well-groomed resourceful individuals. He is the Team Leader/Project Director of “Rhealyz Naija”, a social responsibility platform which is set to connect other countries in Africa. He has being working passionately in the area of media network, reaching out mainly to Young people and also to the larger society, via forums, electronic and print media, creating an avenue for information and knowledge sharing with entertainment to spice it up, he has being using the media platform to sensitize and educate people about how to start and manage their businesses thereby achieving the goal 1 of the Millennium Development Goals which is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. He has promoted the nurturing of native talents and abilities to build a sustainable level of self-worth among today’s morally bankrupt society.
He produces a regular Social Responsibility development Tv package, which addresses issues that affect developing communities, like informing and educating on how they can practically be involved in social responsibility and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, this programme has also transformed into lots of development projects and periodic interactive youth seminars/forums addressing this issues. He has organized great youth development summits/seminars, an example is the mind blowing and life-changing “Face-lift” , from Zero to Hero and Beauty, Costume Fiesta and Express Yourself Positively with a Message for Change they were all an epic event. His impact has being felt in various communities in Nigeria, Africa and Globally through various networks. He has participated and coordinated effectively various life-changing conferences and seminar. He has being consulting and facilitating various business empowerment initiatives like; “Dportas and Project Npowered”.
In recognition of his effort, he was a Member of the Stakeholders Committee in drafting the Vision 20:2020 document for Ondo State, a resource person for the NYSC Millennium Development Goals {MDGs} Advocacy Project and he is also a World Bank Institute (WBI) trained Development Knowledge Facilitator {DKF}. He has being working on the Millennium Development Goals {MDGs} as a facilitator and a community organizer, working in various communities, by creating an environment to educate and motivate people to be involved actively in various change processes in their community. He has participated in various capacity building oriented training and has been certified in areas like; Project Management, Grant Writing and Fundraising, Soft Skills and Management Abilities in NGOs and Stimulating Small and Medium Enterprise. He is an efficient Team Leader/representative in various development Projects. He is a passionate public speaker, motivator, self development counselor, resource person, project management/development consultant and a highly resourceful social entrepreneur.

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